We spent the best part of a year agonising over the smallest of details while developing our T-shirt. Every panel, stitch and hem considered, then reconsidered, with countless variations and tweaks to finally get, what we consider to be, the perfect fit.

Made from 100% Supima cotton. Grown in California, spun, knitted and made in England

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The Merino Sweater

Our Merino sweater is perfect for all seasons; light enough for all-day summer wear, while warm enough for those cold winter months.

Made from extra-fine fibres, responsibly and sustainably sourced from farmers in the Australian Outback and spun in one of the finest mills in Italy.

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The Cashmere Sweater

We’ve crafted ours from some of the world’s finest fibres, responsibly and sustainably sourced from nomadic cashmere farmers of the Gobi Desert, that's then spun into our 100% cashmere 2-ply yarn on the banks of Loch Leven in Kinross, Scotland.

The finished product gives you all the properties you need in a sweater; luxuriously soft while being strong enough to wear every day, ageing beautifully and getting softer and better with every wear.

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