Cashmere Sweater

Colour: Black

For us, the Cashmere sweater is the timeless, essential wardrobe staple.

We’ve crafted ours from some of the world’s finest fibres, responsibly and sustainably sourced from nomadic cashmere farmers of the Gobi Desert. 

These fibres are then spun into our 100% Cashmere 2-ply yarn on the banks of Loch Leven in Kinross, Scotland. The loch gives our factory a vast supply of pure soft Scottish water that's essential for the look and feel of our Cashmere. 

All the panels are knitted separately on a flatbed knitting machine and are then sewn together using a technique which can only be done by a highly skilled artisan and which is only found on the highest quality knitwear.

The finished yarn gives you all the properties you need in a sweater; luxuriously soft while being strong enough to wear every day, ageing beautifully and getting softer and better with every wear.

Model also wearing

  • 100% Cashmere
  • Grown in the Gobi Desert by small flock nomadic farmers
  • Spun in Scotland
  • Made in the UK & India
  • Hand wash for best results
  • Medium fitted
  • Model is 6′1″, wearing size M
  • Question about the fit? Drop us a message via the help button on this page or email us on
 Size Chest  Length
34-36" (86-91cm)
26.4" (67cm) 
36-38" (91-96cm)
26.8" (68 cm)
38-40" (96-101cm)
27.2" (69cm)
40-42" (101-106cm)
27.6" (70cm)
42-44" (106-112cm)
28" (71cm)
44-46" (112-116cm)
28.3" (72cm)

Our Cashmere comes from nomadic cashmere farmers with flocks typlically between 2 to 300 hundred goats.

Animal welfare, sustainability and traceability are the three pillars of our ethical sourcing. Working in partnership with our approved de-hairers, our factory ensures sustainable herding and grazing practices, high standards of animal welfare, while working to protect the traditional way of life within nomadic communities.

Our factory is based on the banks of Loch Leaven in Kinross, Scotland, giving them a vast supply of purse soft Scottish water that's essential for the look and feel of our Cashmere. All the water used is return to the loch – cleaned to make sure the brown trout, pink-footed geese and 35,000 wintering birds can thrive in the world-renowned RSPB nature reserve of Loch Leaven.